A Lazarus Marriage

Author: Peter Leishman "Between the searching and the need to work it out, I stop believing everything will be alright." - Tears for Fears, 1985 Ten years ago, I lived alone in a small one-bedroom basement apartment. My life looked and felt very much like the neglected warehouse you see in this photo; abandoned and [...]

Apocalypse Now

Author: Martin Elvidge “Apocalypse Now,” He said. I was quite taken aback. The speaker was the manager of Automasters Repair shop, where I paid an astronomical sum for repairs to the Ford pickup that had broken down. He said it again “Apocalypse… now! You know: Fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanic explosions, wars, plagues, and now a [...]


Worship Author : William Dupley   I have recently finished my basement. It’s taken me one and half years, but it’s finally done. My music room is one of my favorite rooms I built in the basement. For the first time, I have a place dedicated to my favorite pastime; singing and playing music. Music [...]

Retire or refire?

October 15, 2022   Author: William Dupley   In 2019 I retired. For 35 years of my 42 years working career, I worked at Hewlett-Packard. I loved working there. As a result of working there, I was able to provide for my family and my future. I deeply enjoyed the people I worked with and [...]

Heart of Generosity

December 9, 2019   Introduction [i] I love Christmas, I love everything about It., The Christmas songs, tree decorating and all the traditions. I particularly like Christmas movies, like “How the Grinch stole Christmas”, and Scrooged. But my favorite is the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sims. The story has been told [...]

Living out of Revelation

Knowledge versus Wisdom One of the most challenging things I needed to do in my role as a Chief Technologist was staying current with the ever-changing state of Technology. This week I watched a video of a Microsoft Conference Speaker using a hologram of herself to give a speech. She spoke in English, but the [...]

Refiners fire

I retired this month and turned off my cash flow from customers. This was a step of faith. I have never been good depending on God for cash flow. My fundamental nature is to trust in my own ability, not the Lord's in the area of finances. I'm sure this comes from a deep-seated orphan [...]

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