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Heart to Heart Healing Weekend

A Heart to Heart Healing Weekend is an introduction to the topic of inner healing from a Biblical point of view.  It touches on many of the sensitive areas in our lives and prepares us to receive deeper healing.

During the Retreat, key biblical principles are shared that relate to receiving healing for spirit, soul, and body.

Topics covered include:

  • The basic principles of lordship, repentance, and forgiveness
  • how judgments, rejection, and vows affect our lives
  • how the orphaned and hardened hearts influence our behaviour
  • how do we maintain the healing received
  • and how we continue to walk in it

There is no cost to the weekend but a suggested donation of $150 would help cover the cost of accommodation and food. We require a $50 deposit and it will be part of your donation. If you choose to cancel after submitting your deposit, we will hold it as a deposit for a Heart to Heart weekend at a later date. The deposit won’t be refunded.

We ask people who have been accepted on a Heart to Heart to let us know immediately if for any reason they are unable to come. This will enable those on the waiting list to take advantage of any spare places.

To enable as many people as possible to come on these retreats, we require that most people share bedrooms. It would be helpful for us in allocating rooms if you could let us know your age group on the registration form. All bedding is provided for you, please bring your own toiletries, towels and hair dryer. A guest fridge is provided in the dining room. Tea and coffee are also provided in tea lounge.



4:30 pm  Registration

6:00 pm  Dinner

7:30 pm  Worship / Sessions


8:30 am  Breakfast

9:30 am  Worship / Sessions

12:30 pm  Lunch

2:00 pm  Sessions

6:00 pm  Dinner


The meetings include praise, worship, and a time of teaching about important aspects of the Kingdom of God, which we find to be particularly helpful when leading people into wholeness.


We have limited facilities for disabled people and we are unable to provide nursing care. If you are likely to need help in any of these areas we suggest that you contact us before coming.


Regretfully we are unable to provide accommodation for those under 18 years, or nursing babies during retreats.


Ministry Department


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