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Isaiah 61 School Testimonies

Many of our Isiaiah 61 students have found that Jesus has transformed their lives. Here are a few of their stories

Freedom from fear

I’ve been set free from a tormenting phobia, and I think that I can go from here now and say: whatever the situation, we have been given some tools that we can really see the gospel that heals anybody, anywhere, any time.

Forgiveness received

 I have a clear picture of Jesus on the cross, and He took my shame away. When I saw that, I just believed that it was a tremendous impact on my whole being. I know that I am going away a different person.

Realizing that I was here by divine appointment and that Jesus was real made me cry. Sin and past hurts, and the realization of my own brokenness made me cry. I saw the other eagles flying on their own. I wanted to fly too – I needed to be patient, receive the nurturing offered, digest the teaching, all this before I could choose to fly off the nest. Today I choose to leave the nest.

Hope for the future

God gave me the key to knowing how to walk through the rest of my life.

Now I am balanced and solidified so that I can walk in the truth.

Heart Healing

God, in His grace and in His timing and in His magnificence, has moved in, and He has re-birthed me literally.

I grew up with only words of criticism and correction from my mother…I prayed every prayer I could think of to release myself and her… still the rejection would trigger… I feel very encouraged that the Lord has finally gotten to the root of that rejection, which was actually from my father due to Freemasonry in our lines, and I am looking forward to finally being able to brave letting people into my inner court.

I found a part of myself that had been left back in a bedroom forty years ago or more – a little boy. I took him out of the room, and he is never going to go back into that room, and I spoke life to him by bringing him to Jesus Christ, and he and I are finally home together as one. I just rejoice because that is what I have longed for for so long, is to not be alone, and it’s gone – amen.

I was clearly able to see that Jesus was there during all of the traumatic things that were going on in my childhood.

I had a picture. That picture was me standing upright with my head back and a funnel in my mouth and someone pouring a can of Draino down there. Everything that wasn’t in Him sure came out! My emotions were probably below the soles of my shoes but during our ministry yesterday, Jesus released my emotions. The Lord has done absolute wonders.

I always had a feeling that part of me was shut off from me…but we embraced one another and united. When I prayed the Lordship prayer it was the first time in my life that I felt like I was a whole person.

I was as a bruised reed and smoking flax and the reed was bent right over, snapped, broken in two. But now I see that the reed is straight and there is almost like a brace or a stick with rope around holding the reed up straight and that is the Lord Jesus. I am partly through the process, but He is buoying me up so that I am strong now. I want to speak a word of hope to those of you who are part way through the process, He who has begun a good work in you will bring it to completion.

When I walked through the doors, God began a work and it was tough, everyday. But where there was turmoil now there is peace.

After healing ministry I threw away all my baggage… I was a very shy woman but now I think that image is totally destroyed. Now I have some of God’s image.

Over these last three days, God took down that wall (poor self-image) and showed me how clean I could be, just by His Holy Spirit and it amazing just how clear the water is starting to flow through my body and my head, and my spirit.

I know that there are layers in my soul that He has been peeling back and lifting off.

I came here because God said, “come” and I’m going back restored and renewed.

I have been set free, delivered, and I’ve had some healing at a very deep level. My purpose here is to become fully alive in the way that God wants me to be.

Nine weeks ago I came to Singing Waters as a wounded soldier full of rejection and anger in me and during these past nine weeks the Lord really ministered to me and touched me and healed me.

God has given me back my laughter and He has also given me back my confidence. God is restoring me and giving me my dance back and He is helping me to bring my little spirit, which I thought was dead back to the surface.

God is restoring my emotions. He has given me a hope for my future and shown me who I am.

I have had a sense of feeling much lighter and more freedom in every area of my being and give all the praise and honour to Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father’s heart

 In the first time in 60 years I felt the unconditional love of the Father-Heart of God.

I have experienced God as Father.

I have grown in appreciation of the depth of the Father’s love for me and how much He wants His children back and he wants them healed. Truth has been embedded into my spirit over the last 4 weeks.

Marriage restored

Jesus has restored joy into our marriage, He has restored our marriage and I praise God!

Physical Healing

In the 4 weeks of the school I have experienced significant healing in my body, soul and spirit. In my body I had a neuro-muscular disorder affecting my legs and feet with symptoms of chronic and acute pain and weakness, the symptoms have abated; I have had no pain…  I could walk like a normal person. I was delivered and heal in soul and spirit from the affects of a traumatic accident and spiritual abuse. I was crushed and felt orphaned and this was healed last night praise Jesus.


Cover Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

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