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Ed Kurath has composed a most helpful workbook for Christian prayer therapists, for those receiving their ministry, and in fact for every Christian in their walk with the Lord.  Clear concise definitions help to clear away possible confusions.  Copious biblical quotes and references ground the entire field of inner healing in the biblical base in which it was birthed and to which it belongs, demolishing the confusions of some who may still have tried to maintain that this ministry is unbiblical.  The format enables easy comprehension of sometimes-complex material, and the many diagrams add clarity – “one picture is worth a thousand words.”

Ed’s book is unique among the many I have recommended in that he includes many quotes and footnotes from theological and professional counseling sources.  This gives the book a wider range and perspective than most.

The book is intended to be a practical guide for all Christians who are serious about their walk with the Lord, for those who want to be more successful in obeying Him than they have hitherto been able.  Those who are willing to do the hard work required to walk in the new way will discover great rewards.  The rewards will come from the Lord as you become the person He has always wanted you to be.

At the same time the book is not intended only for those who have serious emotional struggles, but rather for all of God’s children.  We all fall short, and the Lord wants us to be more successful.

To counselors I would also say, this book should become a most valued and active resource in the libraries of all those whom the Lord calls to minister to the depths of others’ hearts and lives.  I recommend you make it a daily workbook, especially urging clients to read it and put it to work as they proceed in prayer therapy, and beyond, in their daily lives.

By John L. Sandford, Co-founder, Elijah House, Inc.

Ed is a Christian prayer minister, an author, and a speaker who ministers internationally.  Ed is a graduate of Denver Seminary, with a Masters Degree in counseling.  He subsequently completed an internship, and a residency at Elijah House (a Christian prayer counseling ministry); and he then stayed on there for 4 years as a Staff Counselor.  For 14 years he has been a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  He has years of experience ministering to both individuals and to couples.  He believes that Jesus is the healer, and he ministers from that perspective.

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