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You Were Created to Encounter God!

Christianity was never meant to be a dry religious system. Your relationship with God is not just a list of rules or a “get-out-of-hell-free” pass.

God is inviting you into supernatural encounters with His presence and power today!

James Goll is an internationally respected prophet whose revelatory teaching ushers people into the supernatural realities he writes about. In God Encounters Today, James shares powerful, Biblical teaching on the different kinds of amazing spiritual encounters you should expect as a Christ-follower.

Learn how to:

  • Position yourself to experience the supernatural realms of God.
  • Biblically define what God encounters look like, so you have clear vision for what you are pursuing.
  • Access and recognize different kinds of God encounters: Angelic encounters, Visitation encounters, Spiritual Warfare encounters, Intercessory encounters, and Dream encounters.
  • Release the power of your encounters and live your everyday life with a new awareness of God’s abiding presence.

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