Author: Martin Elvidge My belief system For the first thirty years of my life, I lived by the following belief system. “If I put my mind to it, there is nothing I cannot do and nothing I cannot achieve by hard work.” Unfortunately, my belief system didn’t work very well for me. In high school, [...]

Spirit and Truth

Author: William Dupley I read a devotional recently by Wendy Tomlie called Songs of Praise and victory to our God. Wendy highlighted that when people faced trials or joy, they wrote songs. She highlighted: The Song of Moses The Song of Deborah The Song of Mary The Song of the Lamb Her insights got me [...]

Sleepless in Sydney

Author: Martin Elvidge "Welcome home' He said. Jesus was standing in the Singing Waters Ministry centre auditorium in Ontario, Canada. I had been searching for a home for a long time. Probably for my lifetime. Could this be it? Since my birth in 1947, I have moved house thirty-two times. Thirty-two houses but no home. [...]

A Lazarus Marriage

Author: Peter Leishman "Between the searching and the need to work it out, I stop believing everything will be alright." - Tears for Fears, 1985 Ten years ago, I lived alone in a small one-bedroom basement apartment. My life looked and felt very much like the neglected warehouse you see in this photo; abandoned and [...]

Apocalypse Now

Author: Martin Elvidge “Apocalypse Now,” He said. I was quite taken aback. The speaker was the manager of Automasters Repair shop, where I paid an astronomical sum for repairs to the Ford pickup that had broken down. He said it again “Apocalypse… now! You know: Fires, floods, earthquakes, volcanic explosions, wars, plagues, and now a [...]


Worship Author : William Dupley   I have recently finished my basement. It’s taken me one and half years, but it’s finally done. My music room is one of my favorite rooms I built in the basement. For the first time, I have a place dedicated to my favorite pastime; singing and playing music. Music [...]

Retire or refire?

October 15, 2022   Author: William Dupley   In 2019 I retired. For 35 years of my 42 years working career, I worked at Hewlett-Packard. I loved working there. As a result of working there, I was able to provide for my family and my future. I deeply enjoyed the people I worked with and [...]

Heart of Generosity

December 9, 2019   Introduction [i] I love Christmas, I love everything about It., The Christmas songs, tree decorating and all the traditions. I particularly like Christmas movies, like “How the Grinch stole Christmas”, and Scrooged. But my favorite is the 1951 version of A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sims. The story has been told [...]

Living out of Revelation

Knowledge versus Wisdom One of the most challenging things I needed to do in my role as a Chief Technologist was staying current with the ever-changing state of Technology. This week I watched a video of a Microsoft Conference Speaker using a hologram of herself to give a speech. She spoke in English, but the [...]

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