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What is the Immanuel Approach to Healing ?

Immanuel was developed by Dr Karl Lehman, a Christian psychiatrist, who had been using Prayer Ministry for many years. One day with a severely traumatised client, when things were going nowhere, he prayed, “Lord I’m stumped. What do you want us to do?” The result was a learning process that lead to a God-resource that many find easier, faster and more effective than other approaches. A distinctive of Immanuel is the focus on facilitating the connection between the individual and Jesus, in contrast to focusing primarily on the traumatic memory. Hence the name of Immanuel (God With Us, Mt 1:23). Once His presence is established and experienced, an individual’s ability to connect to traumatic memories and receive healing is greatly enhanced.


Note: “Traumatic” is often used wrongly as a synonym for “disastrous, life-threatening, or catastrophic.” Thus, most definitions of trauma focus on the intensity or magnitude of the painful event. However trauma is simply a painful experience that has not been successfully processed and healed. Because we live in a fallen world, the reality is that everyone has experienced trauma. For most of us, significant parts of this trauma are not healed-whether we are aware of it or not!


Who is teaching

The workshop will be led by Jeff Duncan. Jeff is on staff at Singing Waters. Jeff’s first exposure to inner healing was in 1990 being trained in Elijah House ministry. Since that time, Jeff has been trained and has experience in this model and other prayer models including Theophostic, Sozo, and Restoring the Foundations. All these models and others have their place. The Immanuel prayer model is one tool that can be used by the prayer counsellor and also personally. Jeff: “I have personally received so much healing through the Immanuel prayer model and I have found it a user friendly model that is easy to teach others to use.”

What to Expect:

Be ready for a lot of fun and for seeing God, the Healer, working in awesome ways! Those who wish can receive a portion of their own healing and gain an understanding of how more will come. Those coming to be equipped will be able to bring healing to friends and children. The training includes live demo ministry sessions where you observe a volunteer get healing, and 3-4 practice sessions in your groups of four.


Workshop attendees will receive teaching materials and there will be a book table with Immanuel Approach resources.




Fri Feb 9        7:30 – 10

Sat Feb 10    9:30- 12:30

1:30 – 6:00


Cost: The session fee without overnight accommodation is $25/session or $50 for all sessions.


Endorsements for the Immanuel Approach

“I have personally used the method often and have been ‘spreading the news’ widely. It has been life changing for so many people!”  – Jane Willard, wife of Dallas Willard.

“I have been using Immanuel with children in Central America. Healing usually comes in 30 minutes, even with translation!” Dr. John Curlin, retired OB-GYN


To find out more about the Immanuel Approach, see www.ImmanuelApproach.com. (This is the Immanuel Approach website. Please note that this event is a Singing Waters event, not an Immanuel Approach event.)