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Becoming the Beloved

The greatest gift we can receive from God is his perfect, unconditional and unwavering love, which brings a deep rooted security and stability to our lives. For many Christians, the idea of God as a Heavenly Father is rather distant and impersonal. The feeling of a warm personal relationship as an individual son or daughter is still lacking. Some of the reasons for this lack of close relationship are:

1. legalistic extremes portraying God primarily as a merciless judge rather that of a loving Father-Redeemer,
2. faulty earthly father relationships which grossly distort the true image of fatherhood, or
3. personal misfortunes which seem difficult to reconcile with the love of an all-powerful Father-God.

The 4 days of Becoming the Beloved provides a more in depth opportunity where participants discover what the Father of heart God is really like as Abba Father and receive emotional healing from life’s hurts so they can embrace his love.

Speakers: Peter and Heather Jackson